The most straightforward kind of betting, especially in sports betting, is money line betting. The wagers can choose potentially more than one outcome. These outcomes depend upon the team and the players or might also depend upon the individual player. This is why moneyline bet in sports betting has a predominant place among all the other kinds of betting.

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The kinds of outcomes in Moneyline betting

There are three kinds of outcomes that can be expected in Moneyline bet in sports betting. The three options are win, loss or a draw. In win betting, the betters get returns and profit only when the team or player upon whom they have betted wins the match. Loss happens when the better does not predict the winning team correctly. The third option is the draw option which happens in few sports and a few times. But only the better who predicted the draw between two teams correctly will receive the profit, and the remaining people would not gain any returns. Through these outcomes, moneyline betting explained.

The point spread and signs

There is an important point to understand in Moneyline betting. In usual terms, plus (+) sign determines positive, and the minus (-) sign defines negative. This is exactly vice-versa in Moneyline betting, where the plus sign denotes unfavorable conditions whereas the minus sign defines favorable conditions. These Moneyline betting require simple math and logic. They can be easily calculated without much strain using the moneyline calculator.

Similar to other types of betting, Moneyline betting also has the same pay-out. If you bet on the winning side, you win the bet, and profit is yours. On the other hand, if you bet on the losing side, then the profit cannot be yours but belongs to someone who has betted on the winning side. Thus, there is a probability that all three outcomes can happen to anyone.